Should Anorexics Be Force-Fed?

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Many thanks for all your comments and please keep them coming. Perhaps some sense of the force of will involved in Anorexia Nervosa can be gleaned from a case report from the American Journal of Psychiatry published in January 2012 of a congenitally blind woman who developed anorexia nervosa, despite it being traditionally associated with body image disturbance. Dr Jennifer Thomas and colleagues based at McLean Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Harvard Medical School reported that the patient used tactile comparisons (e.g., feeling another person’s arm bones during an embrace) to bolster her preoccupation with weight and size. She paid obsessive attention to others’ voice location and pitch, which she construed as indicators to height and weight. Higher locations from where a voice originated indicated greater height, while lower pitch suggested expanded abdominal girth. She further decided others’ body sizes through vigilance for changes in air pressure when standing nearby, deciding greater pressure indicated larger body size. 20 weeks after some treatment which emphasised a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach to her body image disturbance, the authors of this study report that the patient appeared to be maintaining her weight at around 110 pounds (BMI 17.6).
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