EXACTLY HOW IRRATIONAL ARE DELUSIONS? Raj Persaud talks to Lisa Bortolotti

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Raj Persaud in conversation with Lisa Bortolotti – Professor of Philosophy at the University of Birmingham – discussing her latest book on delusions and irrationality

Lisa Bortolotti is Professor of Philosophy at Birmingham University and her main research area is the philosophy of cognitive science. In her work she has focused so far on the limitations of human cognition and human agency (faulty reasoning, delusions, confabulations, irrational beliefs, poor knowledge of the self, distorted memories, unreliable self narratives, self deception, implicit bias, and inconsistencies between attitudes and behaviour). She has published a book entitled ‘Delusions and Other Irrational Beliefs’ which is discussed here.

From ‘Reading about Philosophy of Psychiatry’ by Matthew Broome, The Psychiatrist Online, August 2013:
“One of the most important works on delusions is Bortolotti’s Delusions and Other Irrational Beliefs, a book that examines the core features of delusions in relation to other mental states, demonstrating that many non-delusional beliefs are not so rational and delusions often differ in degree, rather than kind, from other, non-pathological, beliefs.”



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